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She credits her dad for helping her get in touch with the parent-as-friend vibe and being her role model for Lorelai Gilmore. I didn’t have a strong idea of how to play a mom—my mom was in my life, but not on a daily basis.“We had a special kind of friendship: I came along to dinner and dates. I came into it without an idea of how moms “should act” or how it “should be.” I came in thinking of my friendship with my dad–that was my model,” she told , but didn’t really get to know each other at the time.“It’s great to look up to people you admire, but you can’t make life decisions motivated by the hope that you’ll be invited to Ellen and Portia’s to eat lentils and watch Scandal.” To be fair, we also share that life goal. Graham’s pretty mum about her personal life before the time she met Krause, but she does briefly mention Matthew Perry, whom she dated in 2003, according to the tabloids.She contests this story, but remains pretty vague about their relationship.While still in high school, she “mucked out” stalls in a barn, and drove a summer camp school bus.She worked as a hair salon receptionist, a waitress, a theater usher, a coat check girl, a book stacker at a law library, a salesperson at Barney's in New York, taught SAT test prep, demonstrated how to play Uno at the Toy Fair, was a cocktail waitress at a comedy club where Dave Attell worked the door and future co-star Ray Romano performed, and was a cinnamon roll and coffee counterperson, where she and her friend once found a purse full of cocaine left on the counter.Kelly Bishop wanted Graham to get together with Peter Krause far before the two started dating.Kelly Bishop, who just seems like a real hero in person, apparently took a method approach to playing Graham’s mother and kept offering her dating advice as early as the first season of Gilmore Girls.

“She gave me opportunities I’d never had before, and it’s like I wanted to repay her by being more like her,” Graham writes.We learn about how the show came together, both in its first run on the WB and in its later revival at Netflix.We hear tales from her friendships with fellow cast members, and we also get her thoughts on how the series ended, and whether there might be more coming in the future. When Gilmore Girls transferred to the CW, Sherman-Palladino and her husband both left the show amid contract negotiations.“We lived on a giant floating bathtub that went nowhere? He told her that the marina was very bohemian and they'd dropped out from society.“And we had fun,” he added, which she wholeheartedly agreed with.

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Lauren Graham has had a successful career as an actress, novelist, and even TV writer.

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