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You define the acceptable or non-acceptable attributes directly on the parameter and it throws the error. Some Power Shell parameter validation attributes allow you to specifically permit a null or empty value on an input parameter.

For example, the following code shows a function that does not use any parameter validation for the input parameter $Computer Name.

Power Shell provides ways to validate acceptable parameter input for a function or a script.

If you have taken an introductory computer science or programming course, you have learned first-hand about the importance of validating the values of parameters passed into your script, function, or program.

For numeric input, you may want to limit the acceptable digits.

Power Shell parameter validation attributes define what is acceptable for parameter input without needing to write massive amounts of code to handle it.

Perhaps, the input for $Computer Name is coming from another cmdlet, process, or a file that is unknowingly empty.

When passed null or empty values occur without parameter validation, the function will err.

I have added a write-host to identify that the code has received something that I chose not to process.

You could choose to include a write-verbose, a line written to a log, or any other custom handling.

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