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The Latino claimed to be straight, because he did not kiss, did not suck my friend, and did not bottom. NOW, my HIGHLY RELIABLE sources have confirmed that rumor to be TRUE! Ludajuice was in fact humping Gordon while the “different area codes” rapper was working for the then 97.5 FM ATL radio station, which is now 107.9 in FAGLANTA.It did not matter that his dick got hard as a rock, as soon as my friend came in the door. Luda and Gordon reportedly go way back to 1997, way before Gordan became a porn star.Just like her previous boyfriend Eddie Murphy, Bobby was gay.It was a union to have children and to maintain their homosexual life on the side.It went all down the drain when Bobby arrived on the scene.Unfortunately, Whitney remained estranged from John till the day he died.

But wait…that’s not all: Back in 2006, I’m told Ludajuice took a Magic City stripper named ‘Diamond’ to the Super Bowl to see the Colts and the Bears play, in Miami.“As a condition of the marriage the wife insisted her husband stop seeing Brown.” Developing…Here's Jaxson's list of gay or bi celebs: Cuba Gooding Jr. John Travolta Carmen Electra Britney Spears Elton John - Now Elton is the biggest shocker of the entire list. Steph spent some time in prison in France and never really talks about it. I understand the concept of a beard and even getting married to keep up appearences, but why have children?Jamie Fox Usher Will Smith - these rumors have been swirling for a while, that they both have an agreement that Will can get it on w/ men and Jada can get it on with women. Mariah Carey[quote]That's when and I'm told Luda and Diamond were having sex on a yacht Diamonds friends were reportedly concerned because they knew Ludajuice is bisexualand their friend was having sex with Luda without a condom. I heard that "Diamond" was the one with the monster and an oozing crotch. I thought that came out of nowhere, he really didnt fit into DTP at all. He is dating Jordin Sparks (maybe for exposure), but Im still not sure if he's not on the DL. Why ruin a child's life because you can't be who you are?“John thought that Bobby was a punk and he hired a few guys from the hood to take care of him. If not for this stroke of fate for Bobby, bobby would be six feet under today.John was the man responsible for everything in Whitney’s career.

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