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I wasted about 10.2 hours trying to figure out how to manage the Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) system on a GUI-less system, I finally found the solution.

Intel has apparently released a command-line utility called "Raid Cfg32.exe" for managing IRST, however the utility version must match the driver version!

The help information for the various switches of the raidcfg32 command is not very clear. With crossed fingers, we tried the /x switch (remove metadata), specifying Disk 2 with the /ds:2 switch.

In fact, the help information for the /x switch is alarming: "Remove metadata from all disks. (Nice touch that the prompt was much more reassuring! raidcfg32 /ds:2 /x Selected Disks: Disk(Port:2) All volumes contained on this disk will be deleted and all related volume member disks will be reset Are you sure you want to reset the selected disks?

@Nor Phi, you should repost the answer and declare that you don't work for Microsoft. And also ask it not to be deleted as the link is the answer and it would be useful to others.

Is there any way to stop Windows 10 from updating it again?

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Resetting Disk, removing "RAID" information (Meta Data) from "Unknown Disk".

To make administration from the command window easier, from the remote workstation I copied the files in the \Intel Util\AHCI_Intel_10.0.0.1046_W7x64\RAIDCFG32 directory up to the top level \Intel Util directory.

You will probably want to open the Raid Cfg32file on the remote workstation for easier reading of the help on command switches.

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