Intimidating words that start with t

You may choose to leave your journals more free-form and expressive, or you may want to have more of a “finished” art product on each page. If you’d like to see a video with some live examples of art journaling, you can check out my video, How Art Journaling Heals for some inspiration and then continue on with the prompts here.

A beautiful background is always a great place to begin.

All it requires is tissue paper, a brush, and water. (If you have watercolors, here’s a third option.) 1.Once you have a background, you have a great base upon which to layer images and/or text.Here’s some art journaling “prompts,” both visual and written, to get your creative juices flowing. In art, they frequently have patterns, though they don’t have to.If you have an old dictionary, you might even cut and paste the definition onto your page.I find this exercise sometimes solidifies my feelings, and sometimes makes me re-evaluate them.

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