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The 1090 number rings back men reported to be harassing women. Some say “She is my girlfriend who has stopped talking to me”.

so you are welcome to call me if you are interested……!! I want a man who will make me happy and satisfy my sexual desire. I have huge of property (from my husband) so don’t worry about money.we need in life is true love.. I need passionate person who will understand my desires and treat me with care in strict privacy.

so you are welcome to call me if you are interested……!! I work in an international organisation at IDB building at Dhaka.

Four years later, the practice continues as unscrupulous shops continue to sell to men who ask: ‘Humain aapse dosti karna hai’ or ‘I want to make friendship with you’.

Local media in India are reporting that police are struggling with the issue because the callers are anonymous and often use untraceable SIM-cards.

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