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Stay tuned after this video because I'll be talking about [lifestyle detail that could not be less interesting to anyone but is apparently an important cornerstone in their branding]. You all are amazing and I couldn't do it without you!

Some of them are so on point that you have to laugh even if you are a devout You Tube star lover.

User Mistah-Jay points this out, saying, "Not all of them but the beauty guru chicks have these "simple" makeup tutorials and just act like every poor f***er out there can afford 0 worth of makeup for a single session." Some beauty vloggers do offer up cheaper options or dedicate videos to drugstore makeup, but many of them use tools and products that most of us definitely can't afford. I think one of my least favorite things is going on You Tube and seeing what user Canned Wolf Meat describes as, "CAPITAL LETTER CLICKBAIT TITLES?!?! As user ugatz says, the most annoying thing about them is: "Using ridiculously long intros for even short amounts of content." I can't sit through five minutes of babbling that has absolutely nothing to do with the reason I clicked on the video (a makeup tutorial).

One user makes fun of it pretty well right here: Cat_Toucher: Hi guys!

So today we're going to be talking about [some trivial piece of actual content] and it's just so amazing.

It's a really great [content], you guys have been asking me to do this video for a while, and I'm just so excited to share it with you!

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