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Now, the physical characteristics of the foxes have changed from the originals, ranging from a difference in coat color, to floppy ears, to eagerness to please the humans they interact with.This article about how dogs evolved from a common ancestor with wolves suggests that old wolves evolved into domestication as they started living closer to humans. Ya-Ping Zhang suggests that wolves started scavenging from carcasses left by human populations.Like many other hybrids, many offspring are sterile.Most infertility in hybrids is caused by a difference in chromosome count between the species.Test the offspring with allergic humans and select the ones with the least effect.

Humans have used selective breeding long before Darwin's Postulates and the discovery of genetics.

(Article) Start with a population of short-haired cats that have been tested with humans who are allergic to cats.

Breed the cats that cause the least allergic reaction.

- the biggest buck with the most points, the largest fish, etc.) being removed from the gene pool, allowing the less "wanted" genes to pass on to the next generation by increasing their odds of mating when compared to the hunted specimens.

Here is an interesting article that outlines some of the advantages and disadvantages of artificial selection. If one were to produce a type of hypoallergenic cat, how would one go about doing it?

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