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"If he sends it, I try a little more next time, and so on…" She shows me a screenshot of a guy paying her 0, then 5, then 1.

"You essentially have a blank check." These transactions can happen in person – at "cashpoint meets," where the findomme and paypig meet each other at an agreed-upon ATM – or online.

In that post, I said I wish someone would make one that goes out to the size of the Universe, too. New Grounds is a Flash animation portal, and a user by the handle of Fotoshop has created a wondrous and lovely interactive tool to show you the relative sizes of things in the Universe, from the largest galaxies down to the quantum foam.

I don’t know what else to say about it except This. You can use the slider along the bottom to change the scale, and see where different objects fall.

If "sex work strategy consulting" sounds new, that's because it is.But her private messages weren't from men wanting to employ her skills as a financial dominatrix: they were from other sex workers, asking for help. Adding "sex work strategy consultant" to her bio, she went from simply taking money from clients for her expert abuse, to showing other women how they, too, could profit.It wasn't a career move she envisioned but a year later, it's definitely paying off.One day in 2016, Yevgeniya Ivanyutenko, a 28-year-old born in Belarus and living in Canada, was chatting with other women on a forum where sex workers shared stories, tips and questions.She'd signed up for every site she could find when she first became a cam girl, setting up a Twitter account for her new persona and interacting with guys over Skype or Yahoo Messenger.

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