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In the Egyptian language, papyrus was called wadj (w3ḏ), tjufy (ṯwfy), or djet (ḏt).

The word for the material papyrus is also used to designate documents written on sheets of it, often rolled up into scrolls. Historical papyri are given identifying names—generally the name of the discoverer, first owner or institution where they are kept—and numbered, such as "Papyrus Harris I".

A series of Jewish papyrus documents dating from the 5th century BC were discovered at Elephantine in the early 1900s.

In time this commerce increased until it gave employment to hordes of rough and hardy men; rude, uneducated, brave, suffering terrific hardships with sailor-like stoicism; heavy drinkers, coarse frolickers in moral sties like the Natchez-under-the-hill of that day, heavy fighters, reckless fellows, every one, jolly, foul-witted, profane; prodigal of their money, bankrupt at the end of the trip, fond of barbaric finery, prodigious braggarts; yet, in the main, honest, trustworthy, faithful to promises and duty, and often picturesquely magnanimous. század derekán Nehémiás hozzálátott kijavítani Jeruzsálem falait, mire Szanballat (aki az egyik elephantinéi papirusz szerint Szamária kormányzója volt) nagy erőfeszítéseket tett azért, hogy leállítsa az építkezést, de nem járt sikerrel (Ne , 20; 4:1–12; 6:1–15). határvidékén (Asszuán közelében) a Nílus egyik szigete, mely a görög Elephantiné nevet viseli, egy zsidó közösségnek adott otthont azután, hogy Jeruzsálem i. A mészáros bekukucskált ugyanazon a függönyrésen, amelyen át kevéssel előbb az elefántra éhes kisfiú, de a belső ajtót már nem látta becsukva, mint előbb a gyerek, hanem nyitva, sőt csaknem sarkig tárva.

When, in the 18th century, a library of ancient papyri was found in Herculaneum, ripples of expectation spread among the learned men of the time.

However, since these papyri were badly charred, their unscrolling and deciphering is still going on today.

The outer rind is first removed, and the sticky fibrous inner pith is cut lengthwise into thin strips of about 40 cm (16 in) long.An island of southeast Egypt in the Nile River below the First Cataract near Aswan.In ancient times it was a military post guarding the southern frontier of Egypt.Often an abbreviated form is used, such as "p Harris I".These documents provide important information on ancient writings; they give us the only extant copy of Menander, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Egyptian treatises on medicine (the Ebers Papyrus) and on surgery (the Edwin Smith papyrus), Egyptian mathematical treatises (the Rhind papyrus), and Egyptian folk tales (the Westcar papyrus).

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