Dating affiliate program on your web site

They often attracts people who want to make a quick buck, unfortunately, selling gimmicky info products or shady memberships.

This website takes a different tack on that, and offers good advice while keeping its ethics alive by promoting quality offers that aren’t out to scam those who buy.

Affiliate marketing can be incredibly lucrative with just one website and a bit of content.

This is different than the Amazon affiliate model, which often takes several sites to create a great income with their sliding tier of commissions.

The dating niche is an incredibly profitable niche for internet marketers of all stripes.

Unlike an Amazon affiliate business model, affiliate marketing tends to be more lucrative in terms of the profit margins you can earn per sale.

This makes paid advertising easily profitable, so it can be a valid choice to grow your website.

You have zero products to ship or be held responsible for.

You are literally just the marketing arm, unlike the ecommerce business model where you are sourcing the products that you are selling and dealing with the customer service portions of the business, along with logistics.

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