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Was your head up too high so they had to ground you real quick?

The crooked room tells us that ain’t nobody “all that.” And, even if they think they are, we can find something about them to get them back in their place.

But, my mother put me in diverse schools with students of many different ethnic backgrounds.

So, I was fortunate enough to have my world constantly tilting on its axis every time I went to school, church, or family gatherings.

Innate competition between us about hair length, skin tone, material possessions, and all types of other inconsequential indicators of self-worth impair our abilities to appreciate each other.

Ever walk outside thinking you were just doing it, (hair did, nails did, everythang did…) only to have one of your girlfriends rip you a new one?

I will end this on a personal note since there is much more to be said in a future post.

Growing up as a brown girl in a brown world, my world was always slightly off-kilter.

I think social media is a real leveller.'I don't lie about my age, I'm hoping to be funny and that is what attraction is about.

I got a multitude of images and social norms from numerous sources which almost made me crazy at times.

But, it was their intersection that elucidated the center of my planetary mass.

Inspired by the likes of Madonna, Mariah Carey, Joan Collins, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Brigitte Macron, writer Bibi Lynch is campaigning for the older female without children to be referred to as 'women who are hot, intelligent, and in their prime'.'With cougar the men are prey, WHIPs felt funnier, smarter and sexier,' she explained during an appearance on ITV's This Morning.'Maybe I've been really lucky in the men that have approached me, but they're bright, super successful and funny.'And she believes that her older age means men are not worried that she is looking to have a family.'That is part of the attraction for younger men,' she said.

'It's a winning combination, the pressure is off...

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