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The VRO Readout monitors the linear incremental encoders integrated into the Uni Slide® stage. While its primary function is to aid set-up and programming of the VXM™ Controller to control Velmex motorized positioning systems, COSMOS can send commands to emulate the buttons on the front panel VRO Readout.Fully functional, it features automatic memory back-up of settings, sleep mode and self diagnostics. See Software for more information on COSMOS, along with computer notes, drivers and VXM programming examples.However, in recent years there has been a great interest in obtaining dendroe-cological data from these plants because the High Arctic is well recognized to be highly sensitive to contemporary and future climate change (Woodcock and Bradley, 1994; Schmidt ., 2015a).In comparison with trees, dwarf shrubs produce extremely narrow and discontinuous growth rings, and missing rings are a common feature (Schweingruber and Dietz, 2001; Schweingruber and Poschlod, 2005; Bär ., 2013).Prices in € represent the retail prices valid in Germany (unless otherwise indicated). Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Greater warmth and precipitation over the past several decades in the High Arctic, as recorded in meteorological data, have caused shrub expansion and affected growth ring widths.The main aim of the study was to develop a tree-ring chronology of polar willow ( Wahlenb.) from southwest Spitsbergen, attempt to explain its extreme pointer years (extremely low value of growth-ring widths) and to demonstrate the dendrochronological potential of this species.The Velmex "TA" system is specifically designed for the researcher to perform non-contact measurement analysis. VRO-TAB2 remote reset and send remote input module *Components sold separately The Velmex system does not include a microscope. Grissino-Mayer's Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages (First Class Information Site) Web Site: University of Arizona - The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research Cornell University - Cornell Tree-Ring Laboratory International Tree-Ring Data Bank James Cook University, Australia - Tropical Dendrochronology Laboratory Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory - Tree Ring Research University of Nevada - Dendro Lab Bolin Centre for Climate Research - Stockholm University The Tree Ring Society University of Tennessee - Laboratory of Tree-Ring Science These are just a few of the many universities and organizations that use the Velmex TA Measuring System for tree-ring research.Since it's introduction, the Velmex "TA" system has been the standard of North America's Dendrological Research Community. One micron (0.001mm) resolution linear encoder integrated to the Uni Slide assembly. Velmex VRO™ Encoder Readout for connection to the linear encoder and interface serially to a computer for measurement recording/logging. They focus on different research areas including the study of the climate and climate change, other environmental research, dating wooden objects and structures, and other archaeological research.

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Further analyses in the Arctic are necessary due to sparse and short meteorological station records.

Temperature has been observed almost continuously in Svalbard since 1898, however, in other parts of the archipelago continuous meteorological observations are shorter, e.g. Increase of temperature and changes of other climatic variables over the last few decades are evident by meteorological data in this area.

It's highly visible, wide-screen LED display makes it easy to view the positioning results. Here are some interesting articles that mention the use of the Velmex TA Measuring System in dating projects: • April, 2015 - Sewanee Today - Tree Ring Date of Rebels Rest • August, 2014 - The New Yorker - World Trade Center Ship • National Park Service - Great Smoky Mountains - History of Fire • April, 2006 - Vision Systems Design - Positioning systems help tree ring research There are thousands of research articles, papers and abstracts on the internet that cite the use of the Velmex TA Measuring System in tree ring related projects and studies.

SEE: Velmex Controls on the Encoders and the VRO Readout for additional details.

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Earlier Arctic dwarf shrub research was mainly focused on age estimation and the analysis of wood anatomy (Warren-Wilson, 1964).

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