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No premarital sex was difficult enough to wrap my brain around, but doable.I want more than a slaking of physical need when we join because with this man I want full unity of mind, body, and spirit.The original of this letter clearly indicates its date, 5 Rajab.Therefore we can now be certain that the Kitab-i Iqan was revealed prior to mid January 1861.

And sex includes kissing, the research that answered that telling me why he hasn't kissed me yet, though we've now had three dates.

I'm willing to give him time to figure it out, and to wrap my mind around the thought of marrying someone without ever having had sex first.

Without kissing, though, I have to see..isn't easy for a woman like me.

However since occasionally this book contains minor errors and I wanted to be certain about such an important date, I wrote the World Centre of the Baha'i Faith (in Haifa, Israel) and asked if the original of this letter of the uncle was on file with them.

Through the kindness of the Research Department of the World Center, I received a facsimile of the original letter which I will print in the forthcoming volume, In the Land of Refuge: Two Narratives of Mirza Habib Afnan (Oneworld Press).

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Apparently they do believe in a short courtship, though, because of this and their awareness of human nature.

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