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Using wizards and designers to generate declarative statements isn’t fundamentally good or bad. The fastest way to get data into an ASPx Grid View is to drop an ASPx Grid View onto a Web page and click on Choose Data Source| The first pre-requisite for editing in the ASPx Grid View is that you need declarative (or imperative) code that supports the edits.

The next step is to turn on the edit metaphors in the ASPx Grid View.

You don’t have to write any code because the grid will interact with the declarative SQL statements to manage the edits for you. Iterate(e) End Sub End Class _ Public Sub Iterate(By Val columns As Grid View Column Collection, _ By Val e As ASPx Data Validation Event Args) For Each column As Grid View Column In columns If (column Is Nothing) Then Continue For If (Type Of column Is Grid View Data Column = False) Then Continue For Dim temp As Grid View Data Column = CType(column, Grid View Data Column) If (e. Of course, it may be permissible for some fields to be null and other kinds of fields may need additional validation.

To prepare for row validation select the ASPx Grid View control and implement stubs for the Row Validating and Start Row Editing events. ASPx Data Validation Event Args) _ Handles ASPx Grid View1. There is a Grid View Data Column child class for the various field data types.

Attributes("onmouseout") = "this.Decoration='none';" e.

The Grid View will subsequently have various controls inside it such as Text Box and drop down lists.

You will generally encounter a requirement that each row should be validated independently of other rows.

Scenario You have a Grid View that displays data of an employee and has a Text Box that accepts an employee address. If you simply add a button and a required field validator to validate against the address Text Box, a single button will validate against all the rows.

The logic used to perform the validation will assign a unique validation group for each row.

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